News letter Spring 2007

Fyfield Parish Council

News letter


Planted by the children of Fyfield in 1985


Welcome to the first newsletter of the Fyfield Parish.
As from the 1st April 2007, Redenham is no longer part of Fyfield Parish, the new boundaries can be seen at Test Valley BC.
To celebrate the establishment of Fyfield Village, come and join us in the centuries old tradition of “Beating the Bounds,” this autumn. Further information will be published nearer the time.

Village Precept

How our Village Precept is spent:

Grass Cutting.
Flowers for the wheelbarrows.
Hire of the Church for meetings.
Lighting in Duncans Close.
Bus Shelter cleaning.
Donation to the Church for the printing of 7 Whole Days.
Miscellaneous items, including the Parish Clerks salary.
Insurance for the Parish Council and Play Area.
Rent for the Play Area.

Play Area


In the near future we will be obliged to re-vamp the existing play area. This will necessitate the removal of the slide, as it no longer conforms to the statutory H & S requirements.

This has caused us, the Parish Council, great sadness as this means the loss of a facility within the play area.

Also, we will be obliged, by the autumn, to install proper safety flooring for the existing swings. This will be at a considerable expense to the Parish Rate Payers.

You will find a quick questionnaire over leaf regarding the play area usage in the village.

This will enable the Parish Council to determine the village views on this facility. We have to pay rent for the land and insurance. If, as a result of this survey, the village decides that the play area is only of a limited benefit, we can then decide on its future.

We would appreciate your comments

More about the Fyfield Parish Council

We meet every two months at the church to discuss Parish business.

Please come along, find out what goes on and have your say.

Hope to see you at the Annual General Meeting on June 26th at 7.30pm

Survey of the Play area

Do you or your family use the Play Area Yes No

Do you think it is an asset to the village Yes No

Comments in by the 19th May 2007.

Please send completed returns to:

Mrs B Vickers, Ivy Cottage, Rose Lane, Fyfield, Hants.SP11 8ER.