News letter Winter 2008

Fyfield Parish Council

News letter

Fyfield New Parish Boundaries

Beating the Bounds

Residents of Fyfield, met in the Church Car Park at 10.00am on the 13th October, 2007.
The weather was kind and John Youngs, led the way. The first part of the walk was impassable, as Phil Hill brook was deep and wide, we walked along the public foot path southwards to the boundary of the Lower meadow where we turned east, and followed the boundary to Dauntsey Lane. We turned north in a straight line near to Dauntsey Bridge: We went along Dauntsey road through the Chicken Farm to Fyfield Lane to rejoin the boundary, which is just pass the Railway bridge towards White House. John Youngs then left us in the capable hands of Lindsey Smith for the rest of the walk. We walked north by the hedge to the Andover Road, along the edge of the boundary to Privet Lane. Then along Andover Rd until we came to the footpath which crosses the railway line, this is as far as the Fyfield boundary goes, there is one house there, the occupiers did not know they were part of Fyfield and we claimed them!! The footpath takes you south across the field to Kalis Corner. Crossing the road we followed the footpath to the start of Rose Lane, Fyfield and the Littleton Manor boundary which runs down the centre of the bridle way.
After heroically wading through the stream we stopped at Ivy Cottages for bacon butties and coffee, kindly prepared by Richard the Parish Clerk.

Thank you to everyone for coming and making the walk a fun morning, and we will definitely do it again .

A special thank you to John Youngs and Lindsey Smith for leading the way and to Richard for the delicious refreshments.


Parish Plan

We are forming a steering committee, for this project, and we welcome every volunteer.

The start up meeting for the Parish Plan Project will be held at the church during the AGM at 7.30pm on the 27th May 2008 .

In order to produce a meaningful plan we will need everybody's support and input.

We need to produce a Parish Plan to detail how we are now, and our aspirations for the future. These Parish Plans are about our community, environment and our requirements now and in the future.

It is a Government initiative to produce a Parish Plan. Test Valley Borough Council encourage and support all the Parish Plans.

It is important that we all have an input. The final document should reflect the collective vision for our village’s future


Flooding under the railway bridge at Fyfield Lane, is causing concern, there is no easy remedy because of the stilt run off, from the road and verges. It has been brought to the attention of TVBC, who are monitoring the situation.

Fyfield Parish Council Meetings – Venue Change

We are hoping by moving our meetings to the Weyhill Fairground meeting room will encourage more parishioners to attend. The AGM will still be held in the church.

Please come along, find out what goes on and have your say.

We have two vacancies and we do need volunteer’s to come forward. Please contact Beryl Vickers on 01264 773335.

The next meeting is on March 25th 7.30pm at Weyhill Fairground Meeting Room.

Dates for your Diary’s

Meeting Where Time
Parish Council Meeting Weyhill Fair 7.30 pm 25th March 08
AGM and 1st Parish Plan Meeting Fyfield Church 7.30 pm 27th May 08
Parish Council and Parish Plan Meeting Weyhill Fair 7.30 pm 22nd July 08
Parish Council and Parish Plan Meeting Weyhill Fair 7.30 pm 30th September 08
Parish Council and Parish Plan Meeting Weyhill Fair 7.30 pm 11th November 08