News letter Autumn 2009

Fyfield Parish Council

News letter

TVBC Rural Boundary Review

The Parish councillor's attended the TVBC Rural Boundary Review for Development on the 30th June.

Officers from TVBC Planning Department explained the history, that had resulted in the Council’s proposed Core Strategy. It has been reported in the Press, and they confirmed, that this original strategy has been sent back to the TVBC for reconsideration, as a result of concerns raised by the Inspectors for the Secretary of State. The issue centred in part around , how the housing allocation was allowed. TVBC felt that the document was sound, with an appropriate degree of housing allocation. But the inspectors wanted detailed housing allocation figures. As a result the Core strategy has been put back to the pre submitted stage.

The officers explained that they were looking at Area Action Plans in parallel with the revision of the Core Strategy, they explained that our parishes are to be covered in the Rural Area Action Plan. Similar meetings would take place around the area to identify preliminary issues and options.

Cllr Mr Lashbrook stated that these are the first initial discussions with the Parish Councils, and there will have to be Public Consultation at a later stage in the process. Presently the Parish Councils were asked for their views. TVBC does not wish to enlarge the villages, but this review has been forced on them by Government.

TVBC asked the Parishes to look at their development boundaries and suggest areas where the ‘Brown Line’ marking development could be moved. Possibly moving it to include large gardens and open spaces, opening up the village for development in the future. The Parish Councillors were given Parish Maps showing the existing ’Brown Line’ and blank maps to draw any suggestions for moving the ’Brown Line’. An aerial photograph of the village was provided to assist with this exercise. Each Parish Council discussed at length, the Brown line boundaries within their own Parish.

Borough Councillor Mr Lashbrook stated that this was only a paper exercise and does not mean that development would be forced on Parishes, the normal Planning procedure would still have to be followed and TVBC do not want to see the villages developed, this process would possibly open up some backfill development sites for one or two houses.

Parish Councillor Vacancy

Parish Councillor is urgently required to help spearhead a Village Plan. You can see from the article above, this position could affect us all, so please, don’t be shy, and contact one of us for an informal chat.

In the meantime we intend to send out a survey questionnaire to each household, which will cover such things as number of occupants, length of time in the village, how far you travel to work and school, likes and dislikes about the village.

Village Tidy up

In your village on the 17th October 2009 at 10.00am by the Bus Stop.

Instead of Beating the Bounds this year, we have decided to have a village tidy.

Please bring your garden tools, gloves and paint brushes.

Parish Church Loo Fund

Planning Permission has been obtained. It is hoped that work will start January 2010. Anyone wishing to make a donation, please contact the church wardens. Lindsey Smith or John Youngs.

Hedge Alert

Due to the usual British Summer boundary hedges and trees have grown profusely and have encroach on the Public Highway, please trim back as necessary.

Fly tipping

If anyone sees fly tipping please report it to the Green Team on 36800

Garden waste

Please dispose of garden waste appropriately, either compost it at home or take it to the new Council Amenity Centre on the Walworth Industrial Estate, near Twinning’s

Councillors Contact Information

Cllr Ellie Charnley
Phone - 07941504849

Cllr Phil Lashbrook
Phone – 01264 773588

County Cllr Pat West
Phone – 01264 339880
Mobile 07879696224

Fyfield Parish Council Meetings

Please come along, find out what goes on and have your say. Everyone is welcome.

Dates for your Diary’s

Meeting Where Time
Parish Council Meeting Penton Parish Office, Weyhill Fairground Tuesday 15th September at 8.00 pm
Parish Council Meeting Penton Parish Office, Weyhill Fairground Tuesday 17th November at 8.00 pm